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AAWGT: Making a difference in our community!

Mission and Goals

Anne Arundel Women Giving Together, a women’s giving circle, was founded in 2005, and supports initiatives that improve the quality of life for women and families in Anne Arundel County, Maryland.  Anne Arundel Women Giving Together accomplishes its mission through:

  • Grantmaking programs that support women and families
  • Engaging and educating women donors around issues affecting women and families in the community and about philanthropy, and
  • Building the power of collective philanthropy in Anne Arundel County.
Anne Arundel Women Giving Together is a fund of the Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County.

Women’s giving circles, a rapidly growing phenomenon in the U.S., are groups of like-minded individuals who pool their resources to collectively decide where these funds should be distributed. The Forum of Regional Associations of Grantmakers found in 2009 that there were more than 500 of these types of groups in 44 states, with 12,000 members and granting $100 million per year. The Association of Baltimore Area Grantmakers that was involved in this research expects that these figures have likely at least doubled since then. Pending funding, plans are underway to conduct a new national giving circle study soon. 

Recent research shows that members of giving circles:

  • Give more and give in more strategic ways than other donors
  • Are highly engaged in their communities 
  • Give to a greater number of organizations, and
  • Have even a greater impact in difficult economic times because members pool their donations and are able to make larger grants.  

Photo:  Founders attending 2016 Women & Leadership event “21st Century Philanthropy” 

Shauna Chabot, Betsy Kimrey, Barbara Hoffstein, Sharon Stewart, Pat Barland Brasse, Debbie Daugherty

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